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Sketchbook Weekend with Louise Sturgis

  • Starts 13 Sept
  • 270 British pounds
  • Long House Studios

What to expect

Using a sketchbook is integral to the life of an artist, but it takes time and practice to find your own way of doing this. Intimate and private as they are, a course called 'Sketchbook Weekend' is a bit of an anachronism, but over the years I have come across countless students who feel uncertain, or even intimidated by the plea to 'use a sketchbook'. This will be a weekend of discovery, an opportunity to find your own language and method of recording your ideas, memories and observations. We will be outside (weather permitting), exploring the lanes, woodlands and hills of Kentmere. You will encounter the changing mood of your surroundings as the days unfold, discovering ways to capture the fleeting changes in light, an unexpected incident, or constantly shifting views. Each day we will start by examining the work of artists whose sketchbooks are an endless source of inspiration and wonder: Turner and Constable, Van Gogh and Bonnard, Henry Moore and David Hockney. This will propel us forward to a focus and challenge for the days work.  Please bring suitable clothing and footwear for being outdoors. We will try not to let the weather deter us. Please let us know if you have limited mobility and we can discuss possibilities with you.

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